Sexual surge and wife lost hers

But do people make films or write stories in which the women can’t relax enough to have an orgasm, or when they’ve got a messy period, or when they’re exhausted with juggling marriage, children and a demanding job? not usually. If you are starting a new sexual relationship after divorce or the death of a spouse, it is also quite common to fear that you will not become aroused or will not be able to have an orgasm with a different partner. Because a loss of sexual desire in women is caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors, it usually requires more than one treatment approach to fix the problem. What other feelings will surge over you in the wake of his porn and the masturbation that follows? anger, for one. Professor ellis downes, consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at chase farm hospital, middlesex, says: ‘it can help promote the bond a woman feels with her partner. Some women, of course, experience a lowering of their libido when they pass 40 – and might be quite content with that; pleased, even. The comments below have not been moderated.

By monica karpinski

If you don’t feel that you could adjust to a marriage without sex, you may decide to separate from your wife, to make it easier to find a partner who shares your sexual orientation. Therefore, she loses interest.