Princess leia bikini models

The bikini also became a central plot point in an episode of friends, with ross (david schwimmer) persuading rachel (jennifer aniston) to dress up as princess leia. On the way to the sarlaac pit on the planet tatooine. This broke the record for highest-selling. A time warner company. He really loved (the female) form,” she says. To the imagination: i recall reading an interview when i was younger in which carrie fisher described how george lucas insisted on having her breasts taped down with gaffer tape. It sold for a record $450,000.

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Mostly what we are offered, when it comes to grown up women, are a variety of corsets, be they of the literal or metaphorical kind. Some of the most memorable aspects of her portrayal of the feisty princess were the iconic outfits and hairstyles she wore in the original trilogy. Fisher disliked the outfit, calling it “what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell.