Movie nude shower

The bathroom is often where we go to be by ourselves – either to answer the call of nature, brush our teeth, or simply relax in the bath after a hectic day at work. In this instance, a wire cord for hanging washing over a bath becomes a deadly noose. She even lended her acting skills in a skit for ex andy lee’s radio show. In his new book, the girl in alfred hitchcock’s shower, graysmith suggests that kenneth dean hunt was a psycho obsessive who wanted to kill leigh’s body double but got the stand-in by mistake.

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She didn’t read articles about herself; and, after her first husband made her burn all her old glamour photographs out of jealousy, she didn’t keep a scrapbook. In the original film, a victim received an axe to the face and fell against a shower curtain. In the clip, andy and his radio co-host hamish blake pretend to film the model in the shower.