Long fist style

Given modern needs, the evenly balanced, comprehensive training for both body and mind is a shining treasure long fist offers to the contemporary person. In actual combat, long fist asks us to use every part of the body to deliver a multitude of different blocks and attacks. You could say that long fist provides “equal opportunity” training for the entire human person. Long fist is known for its proud and courageous spirit which clearly can be seen in its forms: the postures are dramatic and expansive; the movements are complex and elegant.

By adam hsu

In the field of music, for example, we may see that a child has great ability. But will he be a composer, conductor, a vocalist, master the cello? will she become a professional, a talented amateur, a world-class performer? most often, we first steer children to the piano and later on, support their interest in other instruments such as drums, or fields such as film score composition or musical analysis.