Jerking off to get sperm out

Bob (masturbation 2008) jan 5, 2009. Although these conditions may. Im 14 maybe half an inch of sperm comes out it just kills me because ive seen more than that come out. Is this normal or am having problem. I allways embarrasd when ever i make love with my lover. Problem is i cant get an erection, so how can i get rid of the blood in my prostate, can it be drained, any answers out there. You’d think that having an attractive staff member there would help with the proceedings, and maybe it did for some people, but for me, it was just another pair of eyes to avoid contact with before i shook off the weirdness of that day’s donation.

Jerking into a cup is awkward

Talk to a doctor or health counselor you trust. E being unable to inpragnant my to be wife. I have regular inetrcourse with my girlfrined of 10 months.