Interracial dating a sin

The church that i grew up in was still teaching that interracial marriage was a sin in the early 2000s. The human power to rationalize is astonishing. Something about god purposefully putting different races on different continents, and yet through mans meddling, the races mixed which was not intended by god. There is nothing in the bible about marrying people from other racial groups, but there are potential problems when marrying into a different culture. As a hebrew israelite as identified through the curses of deuteronomy 28: 15-68, i have been researching on interracial marriage between the hebrew israelites and those of the gentile nations (all european nations as identified in the table of nation of genesis 10:1, including the white christians and jews of modern-day israel whom are usurpers of the true descendant of the children of israel). Racist people see the word intermarry and immediately associate it with race when that scripture is not even talking about race.


Makes a good point about zipporah. Similar (not identical) dynamics are at play between whites and blacks in the states. A christian should not marry a non-christian no matter how kind and good they are.