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Note: the essays on erotic spanking late 1990s were an amazing time. If a child reported an instance of abuse, law enforcement and cps would coordinate their response and investigation. We got some answers from people who should know including assistant kent county prosecutor helen brinkman who specializes in crimes against kids; susan powers who is a therapist with the children’s assessment center where children who are victims of crimes are taken to be interviewed by staff trained in child psychology; and grand rapids police detective dan adams, a member of the department’s major crimes unit. Not every case is the same and we strive to treat each instance on its own merits and take all factors into consideration. The old doctrine of spare the rod, spoil the child has not been criminalized, as some people believe. Where it crosses the line, as far as cps is concerned, is if the spanking leaves visible marks on the child.


Mistress: this is a list of spanking related free sites that do not require membership or avs verification. Erotic spanking, domestic discipline and similar topics. However, even if the prosecuting attorney did not file criminal charges, cps may still substantiate the parent or caretaker for abuse and they would find themselves in family court.