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I have this strange itch that flares up thru out the day at the uppermost part of my vagina. There are many different types of chemotherapy. You will want to follow up with a doctor if you use a cortisone treatment, as these medications can cause several health problems if they are applied for a long time. This may not sound like much of a problem to some readers but it often “overpowers” me and it becomes too sensitive and almost painful. Radiotherapy aims to kill any cancerous cells which may have been left behind following an operation. Women with endometrial cancer have a variety of symptoms that differ between individual women, and, after diagnosis, many women wish they had acted earlier on something they thought was irrelevant. My fanny stinks an awful lot (fish) and i am worried that people can smell it.

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Anyway, i told ashley that i would watch her son for a few days each week until she can get something more permanent lined up. A week after having sex my vulva becomes itchy, my urine and discharge are ok. When i go pee sitting down pee often sprays on my leg.