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They tell femail their relationship wasn’t something either had planned – in fact, they revealed it was quite ‘accidental. ‘i didn’t do anything. Mickie monroe, 28, married herself on miami beach on australia’s gold coast after struggling with confidence, and said it’s helped her realise that there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. You may not under any circumstances, reproduce, record, publish publicly, distribute or publicly exhibit any material without zmcl’s written consent.


The project host waleed aly has copped criticism for an apparent ‘mansplain’ to a presenter who disagreed with his opinion about a greens proposal to pay every citizen $23,000. Bindi, daughter of late crocodile hunter steve irwin, met with prince charles to discuss the much-needed preservation of queensland’s great barrier reef. Digital finance analytics released data which shows that almost 1 million australian households are facing ‘mortgage stress’ as the rising cost of living is not matched by slow wage growth.