Britney spears being fucked

At the time the singer was going through a mental breakdown. Your email address will not be published. (during that scene, a marquee in the background is advertising. Several times, spears was placed in a harness and swung up high in a lift or contraption. The parents television council is livid that britney spears’ cunningly titled “if u seek amy” is getting radio play, despite the fact that the title and lyrics essentially say “f-u-c-k me. The choreography was like martha graham breakdancing with a healthy dose of athletics. The most impressive part of the femme fatale show was the egyptian/river styx-themed set for “gimme more.


Some were in costume. Gets crazier: britney grabs a fan’s butt, gets fun-groped by a cop, smashes a camera, and, like, kills a bunch of paparazzi with a microphone. The recurring theme was this femme fatale bit, with brit being chased by male authority figures, usually cops.