Best facial clip ever

Prime, hydrate, and set your make-up with just one spray. I’m keeping it on hand for when my complexion looks a bit meh, and needs perking up. I enjoyed the way it made my makeup look after i applied it though – very glowy. With the ability to ensure that the makeup stays intact for even longer, this ultra-fine mist coats the skin in non-sticky hydration, whilst ensuring that the effect that has been created with makeup is not lost throughout the day. Packed with sex, crack pipes and extreme violence towards redheads, the clip was banned from youtube, thus cementing its status for all eternity. That you need 3d glasses to join in. Either pat on your face to minimize shine on makeup-free days, or add on top of foundation for a perfecting finish.

The 10 greatest bitch slaps in movie history

What does poitier do? he bitch slaps the guy right back without a moment of hesitation. : the knowing winks to original cast members and when they get the fonz dancing near the end. It has no filler or pigment, so this pure powder will not alter the shade of your foundation.