Bathroom crapping mall peeing pooping restroom tampon toilet

I have been to 2 doctors with no real diagnosis. This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. I try to flush the toilet. I have chronic anusl fissure and hemorriods i’ve been in chronic pain for 3 weeks, wondering if it’s ok to use rectogtogesic and scheriproct together. But atleast all that pushing on the abdomen finally made you go after not having gone in over a week.


Ask my 3rd child, he wouldn’t be here if that load of crap was true. Please somebody, help me, ive spent the past two days without sleep mauling and searchin all possibilities, i hate doctors and the ones here are pretty shit, i would rather someone tell me so i can find an alternative before i have to go to a doctor and they decide to cut it off, and i bleed to death or have some major deadly infection, third world country ppl and dont beleive what the govt advertises, the hospitals are old stinky, they make my skin crawl, they use one mop in an entire ward and also use the same water, did i forget to mention the hospitals are rampant with mrsa so they discharge you fast enough for you not to get infected with it. My doctor gave me anti inflamitarys and co codimol now i have constipation and stomach cramps;i also have a possibly damaged or swollen piriformis muscle ‘does anybody recon the two are linked ? sympathy only please.