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For years, stewmasters and their assistants from both states have competed in cook-offs at public festivals in an effort to settle the so-called stew war, and neither side has shown any willingness to relinquish its claim. The eating of watermelon is one of the most symbolic rituals of southerners. They are eaten raw with soup beans, parboiled, or fried in bacon grease. But the rural thing seems mainly to be a conceptual hook, although speech did spend his childhood summers in ripley, tenn. I looked at him. I simply say that they’re passive. Visually and conceptually, this is a world apart from the typical prowling, scowling, tough-guy rap performance.


Many also remember canning tomatoes, making tomato juice during brief times of surplus, and taking tomato sandwiches to school or to work, either on biscuits or loaf (white) bread smothered with mayonnaise. It has been a staple of picnic baskets, lunchboxes, and afternoon snacks for nearly a century. Of these four common species, the.